Vocabulary Booster Course: Module 1

Sound more natural speaking Spanish

Are you tired of learning unnatural phrases in Spanish apps that you'll NEVER use, like "El gato azul llora." 😿

It can be confusing when you come across sentences in Spanish that make zero sense when you try to translate them word-for-word.

For example, if I say "Tengo una hamburguesa" it means "I have a hamburger."

But what does "Tengo hambre" mean? ...

"I'm hungry."

The truth is, there are so many phrases like this in Spanish.  And until you learn them, you'll find it hard to understand native speakers or express yourself fluently.

That's why we created the Vocabulary Booster Course.

In just 21 days, you'll be able to understand and use the most common Spanish phrases.

No more crying cats, and no more confusing stares.

When you sign up, you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to interactive lessons that teach you 55 of the most frequently used Spanish phrases

  • Daily practice exercises that will motivate you to make consistent progress so you won't forget your vocabulary 

  • Practical examples of each phrase in context (with English translation) so you can understand exactly how its used in a real-world situation

  • Audio of all phrases and examples spoken by native Spanish speakers so you can also improve your listening comprehension

  • Weekly reviews with ♫ music to make sure what you're learning sticks to your memory long-term

  • Flashcards for easy vocabulary review, spaced out over brain-friendly timed intervals

  • BONUS: For a limited time, get Vocabulary Booster Module 2 for FREE and learn 55 MORE frequently used Spanish phrases (110 phrases total!)

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About the instructor

Tamara Marie

Certified Neurolanguage™ Coach

¡Hola! My name is Tamara Marie and I'm a language coach specializing in brain-friendly ways to learn languages.

Growing up in the US, I only spoke English for most of my life. I learned Spanish as an adult after many years of trial and error.

Speaking Spanish has allowed me to travel and make connections in Costa Rica, Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico.

I'm passionate about helping people learn Spanish the way people speak in the real world.  I help my clients and learning communities get their heads out of textbooks and get comfortable speaking Spanish faster.