Quimbara by Celia Cruz - Lyrics w/English Translation

This is a lively salsa song performed by Celia Cruz from the island of Cuba. The word “quimbara” is actually not Spanish. It’s believed the word itself has African origin, which demonstrates the diverse roots of salsa music. It’s believed to mean something similar to having a good time, relaxing, and enjoying yourself.

What You Will Learn:

How to Say these Words and Phrases

  • Well…
  • How to form a gerund (words ending in "-ing" in English)
  • How to form the diminutive (words like cutie in English)
  • ...and why Celia Cruz says "¡Azúcar!"

About the instructor

Tamara Marie

Certified Neurolanguage™ Coach

¡Hola! My name is Tamara Marie and I'm a language coach specializing in brain-friendly ways to learn languages.

Growing up in the US, I only spoke English for most of my life. I learned Spanish as an adult after many years of trial and error.

Speaking Spanish has allowed me to travel and make connections in Costa Rica, Argentina, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico.

I'm passionate about helping people learn Spanish the way people speak in the real world.  I help my clients and learning communities get their heads out of textbooks and get comfortable speaking Spanish faster.