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Learn Spanish with us

Spanish Con Salsa is a community of Spanish learners that love music, travel, and culture.

We enjoy learning Spanish with music and support each other along the way.

Our membership site features a growing library of online Spanish courses. This combination of interactive courses, expert language coaching, and a supportive community is the *secret sauce* to help you get fluent in Spanish faster.

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Here's how it works...

1 ♫ Learn

Learn the most frequently used Spanish words, conversational phrases, pronunciation, grammar, & important cultural notes in short interactive lessons.  

2 ♫ Listen

Enjoy listening to a song and hear the vocabulary you just learned used in context.

3 ♫ Review

Review the vocabulary again and be amazed at how much you've retained and understand.

4 ♫ Practice

Practice your new vocabulary in conversation sessions with our team of coaches and native Spanish speakers.

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