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What is Spanish Con Salsa?


Learn Spanish with interactive online courses: music-based, conversation mastery, pronunciation mastery, grammar mastery, and more!  Monthly live classes for members.


Be part of our supportive community of Spanish speakers and other language learners to get your burning questions answered.


Get the support you need to meet your goals with a personalized Roadmap to Spanish Fluency and monthly live calls to troubleshoot your language learning issues.

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Join Our Community of Spanish Learners that ❤ Latino Culture

Spanish Con Salsa is an online community of salseros, bachateros, and Latin music lovers learning to speak Spanish, having fun, and supporting each other along the way.

Our membership site features a suite of Spanish courses that use music, plus community and coaching support...

...all designed to help you get fluent faster.

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G E T   I N S P I R E D

Bilingual salseros share their language learning secrets...

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Island Touch Dance Academy

Tanja Kensinger 'La Alemana'

Tanja talks about her experience immigrating to the US and her advice for salseros learning Spanish.  She also shares how she started dancing salsa and her favorite song she performed with Jorge. 

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Alex & Desiree

Alex Morel

Alex shares his all-time favorite salsa song, and reveals how he learned to speak 3 languages.

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Sentimiento Dance Company

Nancy Salsa

Nancy shares how she learned English using music and why learning Spanish can enhance your dance experience.

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Learn Spanish with Music

Learn Spanish with music-based courses to expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation

Caribbean Spanish

Learn the Spanish dialects spoken on the coasts and beautiful islands of the Caribbean